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The Sports Club/LA is thrilled to announce our newly established partnership with Baku Sunset!  As the premiere health and fitness Club committed to delivering results, we are also committed to philanthropic causes and charitable giving and couldn’t imagine a better partner than Baku Sunset.  To celebrate this partnership, we would like to extend a time-limited opportunity to all Baku Sunset members.  Come experience our Club first-hand and receive a 3-day complimentary membership and preferred Membership rates when you join! 

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Welcome to Baku Sunset

Baku Sunset is a brand of excellence of upscale international nightlife and events. Creators of the Brand are committed to bringing a sophisticated and upscale fun nightlife to a richly diverse international crowd of Boston.

High End Fun with Down to Earth Attitude...

Stylish, grownup, fun nightlife and events for people who work hard and deserve to party hard. We believe that every hard working person deserves to let go and have a wild night out once in a while. After all, we do not live our lives to work, we work to live our lives.




Los Angelesdrive from San Diego to L.A. is not bad at all. We went on Friday and Sunday. On Fri we left at 12pm and returned at 12am, leaving L.A. at 9:30pm. On Sunday we left at around 10am and came back by 11pm, leaving L.A. by 8:30pm. There was almost no traffic. May be some 20 min of slow moving traffic but overall the traffic was moving at the speed of 70 to 80 miles an hour. It took us 2 1/2 hrs each way. We stopped by Laguna Beach on Friday and Disney Land on Sunday. Just take I-5 North and I-10 West to L.A. Take I-10 East and I-5 South back to San Diego. This way you don't have to pay $4.50 toll and the road is pretty much straight forward. Around 120 miles each way.

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